Varangian Guard, russian-speaking unit of Free Rasalhague Republic.

Beware, I'm coming!

Approx. Unit Strength: 6+ Companies
Recruiting: Yes, russian-speaking

The History of the Unit

During the separation of the Free Republic of Rasalhague from Draconis Combine and becoming independent again, the Draconis Combine gave the newly formed Republic not all the planets of Northerners which were in subordinate of Military District Rasalhague.
One of these planets was Ardoz, the motherland of Varangian Guard.

After a period known as the "War of ronins", due to the political games and intrigues, the planet Ardoz remained subordinate to the Draconis Combine. However, a considerable part of the population, which always had strong separatist mood, didn’t want to put up with this state of affairs and the violation of their rights. A method was found, which gave some chance to change the situation, to return freedom to the planet and its people and to restore historic affiliation. As a result, Volunteers Corps, called the Varangian Guard was formed by means of personal funds of governors and the generous donations of the population.

The Unit was granted to Rasalhague Republic, its aim was to protect the Free Rasalhague Republic and its interests from external aggressors and to strengthen its influence on the political arena. Thus, the Varangian Guard is a division of Rasalhague, though officially it isn’t a part of the "Kungsarmi." Strict requirement for candidates to join the unit - the origin from planets which were belonged to the Duchy Rasalhague.

Battalions and their organization

The first battalion

The battle spearhead of the Guard.
Active players with lots of Mechs, having desired configuration, in a single colour scheme. Ready to collect eight people(8) in sports / halfsports regime in accordance with the requirements of leaders, ready to leave free play if necessary to help in 8. Battalion replenishes with the most active players.
After a long absence the player can be transferred to the second or third battalion.

The second battalion

The shield of the Guard.
Active and semi-active players, who play in 4, 4 +4, or in 8- just for fun. Basically they have in the hangar their Mechs that suit them personally. They hone tactics, corresponding to their personal skills and in small units.
The battalion replenishes with novices and soldiers of the First Battalion, who have become less active.
Partly it is a school, where the veterans of the Guard train and coach newcomers Then the beginners can remain in this battalion or can be transferred to the first battalion, if they show proper activity and skills.
After a long absence the player will be transferred to the third battalion.

The third battalion

Players that are rarely seen or simply playing for themselves.
These players can be transferred from the reserve to the second or first battalion, if they show proper activity, desir

Our in-game color scheme

Contact Person: Thorward
Optional Contacts: mihali4, Dungeon_Keeper